All Your Perfects by Colleen Hoover

“If you only shine light on your flaws, all your perfects will dim.”

It’s so important for humans to pass on a shred of their own DNA. What happens when in a perfect marriage that factor is taken out? Can perfect marriage win a battle against a barren couple? 

I have always loved Colleen Hoover’s books, but this one definitely takes the cake. A series of emotions coursed through me at every flip of the page. I loved how she embedded a serious issue such as infertility, giving the readers an insight to what hardships they face. It just doesn’t break their spirits but turns their relationship hollow, a husk, just for show. Honestly, I was terrified, on my toes hoping that Quinn would be okay, that somehow Graham would make it alright. I secretly blamed him for everything. I was wrong, he was just broken. I forget that lack of a child, affects both the partners equally, not one more than the other. 

“Our marriage hasn’t been perfect. No marriage is perfect. There were times when she gave up on us. There were even more times when I gave up on us. The secret to our longevity is that we never gave up at the same time”

The mystery of the box, kept me going throughout. I wanted to know how that little box, somehow held the key to their long lasting, even strained relationship. And it did. 

“I love you more in this moment than any moment that has come before it “

Gosh, I have no words. It’s beautiful. It will break your heart. It will make you cry, maybe even sob. You’ll feel things that you didn’t think was possible. But more importantly, you’ll appreciate reading this. A must read. 4.75/5

The Curse

“Oh, welcome Miss Ma—oid.” slurred an attendant who was starting to tick her name off the guest list. This wasn’t the first time someone had trouble saying her name, and definitely wouldn’t be the last. Luna pondered how her ancestors had lived, if it wasn’t for technology, she would’ve never been in touch with her current employers either. In fact, without the emails and calls back and forth, she wouldn’t even be considered “alive”. A ghost as she liked to think of herself as, at which she was very good at.

“Phoenix Rotana, Masquerade party tonight. Target Charles Nelson” instructed an automated voice, six hours before the mission. And then came in a picture of him, “Not too shabby.” she thought out loud.

“This is for you, madam!” The attendant chirped, bringing her back to her senses when he handed her a purple mask. “Thank you, I’m very excited.” She smiled, putting it on as the beauty walked inside with her face partially covered. Her curves were accentuated by the deep maroon gown she wore but that wasn’t the only thing that brought attention to her; her plunging neckline was to blame for that blunder. She was dressed to kill, quite literally.

Eyes, was all she could notice at first. How many of these eyes had she seen before? How many of them would ever remember her? The answer to both was none. All it took was one arrogant ancestor to piss off a witch. Not any witch, a crazy-dark-magic-stay-away-from-her-shadow-witch. And, now for all eternity Luna’s entire lineage paid for the witch’s wrath, by being non-existent. No one could ever remember their faces or even say their names. And, Miss Luna MacQuoid did the most sensible thing ever. She trained herself to be an assassin – being a ghost is the whole job description afterall.

Taking another step forward, Luna took in the beauty of the room. A large sparkling chandelier, as if it were made of diamonds, was placed right in the centre of the room for all the dancers to gather under. The walls sparkled as if they were covered in gold flakes, and that wasn’t the only thing in there that caught her eye. The women, all adorned in gold and diamonds, covering their necks, wrists and in some cases, their gowns. For a brief second, Luna was glad no one would remember her as she felt too little to be in here.

“Remember why you are here..” She mumbled under her breath as her million-dollar smile was back on her lips. She reached out to a random man, asking for a dance. “Why not! It’s my pleasure, my lady” he responded, reaching out for her hand and leaving a gentle kiss on her knuckles. And thus, the dance began. Bodies gathered under the chandelier, enjoying the soft music that played, swirling and twirling around, and partners that were more often than not, changing. Her eyes caught with that of Charles and he smiled like a perfect gentleman. “Bingo” She thought to herself as they both made their way to each other. “May I have this dance?” He offered and she accepted, why wouldn’t she? She had been waiting all evening for this moment and here he was. All hers…to kill. After the initial pleasantries, the couple found themselves being drawn to one another. She finally reached out to leave a gentle kiss on his lips, which
definitely caught Charles by surprise. “Wow” he whispered before reaching out to kiss her once again. This time, with more passion. A brighter fire than the sun, burned through his body, it’s source being deep within his core. He almost sighed in content, adoring the way she felt in his grasp, so tiny and precious. He was overcome with the urge to protect her.

“I have to go now..” She informed Charles with a sad look whilst pulling away from him. “Already? What are you? Cinderella?” He questioned her, hoping she would stay or at least laugh at his attempted joke. “Something like that..” Luna whispered, all too well knowing that his warm body would soon turn cold. “Kiss of death.” She murmured under her breath as she broke from his grasp. A small bottle made an appearance, it was hidden in the hem of her gown. She swiftly took the glass bottle and gulped down its contents. Enough was the day to pretend, for the world, Luna MacQuoid never existed.

The Coma patient

I’ve heard about a loveless marriage, job, or relationship,
but how could I break the barrier that my mind had formed
Trapped in, in an unbreakable cycle.

The doctors said “Hold on my dears”
But one day turned into lasting years
Trapped in, at the silence of my shattering expectations.

The scent of amonia burned my nostrils, reminding the moment I had opened my eyes,
My wife looked at me with a hopeful sight,
Trapped in, I couldn’t wake up, my body refused to shake up.

Then came the day, when I’d be finally free.
I told my wife and children how I loved thee
My words never escaped my lips, but I’m sure they knew the reality
Trapped in, I never said good bye.

The Sea of Tranquility

🐣 General Synopsis: Two emotionally broken yet strong characters who find each other. Nastya and Josh, have both lost something. She’s lost herself to the extent that her past is referred to as a dead girl, while he has lost everyone to death. Her voice holds so much pain that cannot be heard by anyone but Josh.

🐣 My review: This book is a real rollercoaster. There’s pain, love, secrets, trust, betrayal, growth, and more importantly, second chances. Second chances at life and love. I believe the author’s did a good job, and I definitely felt a series of emotion course through me. There was a good amount of mystery to keep me hooked mixed with all the high school drama that comes with it. Especially since Nastya pretended to be mute majority of the time. Each character went through its own emotional turmoil, and a consistent growth was observed. There were beautifully planned subplots that pushed the storyline.

🐣 Favorite Lines: It amazes me how people are so afraid of what can happen in the dark, but they don’t give a second thought about their safety during the day; as if the sun offers some sort of ultimate protection from all the evil in the world. It doesn’t. All it does is whisper to you, lulling you with its warmth before it shoves you face down into the dirt. Daylight won’t protect you from anything. Bad things happen all the time; they don’t wait until after dinner.

🐣 Rating: 3.85/5 – Do read!

What book should I read next? Please, do suggest!

George Costanza’s Murder

“So, you see.. I’m very happy where I am. Your services aren’t needed. You may leave!” George deadpanned. Even after being dead for so long, this man was just as everyone had described him. Cant-stan-yaaaa

A soft sigh escaped my lips, “Mr Costanza.. You do realise we have an on-going murder investigation on your name. You are dead. Your ashes are right here!” I tried my best to hide my frustration but it was apparent while pointing towards his urn. 

Almost 6 months had passed from the time Mr. George Costanza’s body was found. A short stout, balding man, who was stabbed right in the heart. The act seemed like a crime of passion or leading aggression. The murder weapon was never found, it was an oddly cone shaped item that pierced him pretty hard and quick. 

“You got a good look at the killer, didn’t you?” 

“I’m dead. I can’t be undead! So what’s the point? Besides I’m happy to be dead!!” The dead retorted, quoting his best friend, Jerry, in the process. He never thought he’d miss his best friend so much, and here he was, thinking of him the whole time. Supposedly, the dead, didn’t have much to do. 

“Why wouldn’t you want your killer behind the bars?” I asked, curious more than ever. Was this man really trying to get me fired from my job?


“Welll….?” I asked, glancing down at my wrist watch. Every dead was different, which meant, my mutant powers worked differently on them. Some had 10 minutes, while the rest could even go up to an hour. I was yet to figure would the cause, perhaps it had more to do with their willingness to connect with the real world. George seemed to not care at all. 

“I can’t tell you who it was..” he whispered softly, there was sadness illuminating from his eyes. 

“I’m sorry, but you must.. There are people out there who loved you and want justice for your loss..” 

“Nobody cares..” He whispered, when I heard how broken he was, a part of me felt sympathetic towards him. How could someone, even after being murdered, be thankful for it? 

“We do.. I do.. if you didn’t matter, the police would’ve never called me..” I tried to reassure him, I wasn’t the best person at being in touch with my feelings. 

Showing feelings or experiencing them, was alien to me. But now, for the sake of my job, I had to show someone how they mattered, AFTER they were dead. The perks of my job

I could almost see the change in his demeanor, this was my little ray of sunshine through a tiny crack, it felt promising but the clock was ticking at the same time. “Please, help me, help you..” a softness was added to my tone as I watched him. 

“Miss. Shaw” he began once again, the hesitation was apparent in his face, like he was trusting me with his well-kept secret. A secret he had worked so hard to suffocate under the weight of a mountain of feelings. 

“I spent my whole life, trying to get by. I was never a smart kid. I never worked hard for anything. Even for work, I prayed I’d get fired so unemployment would fend for me. Hell, I worked harder to keep unemployment, than being employed! Then everything changed, I met a wonderful woman. We got along fine! She was the bread winner and I, the stay at home boyfriend. I loved my life. I loved the comfort. We decided to get married..” he paused, guilt ridden at this point. 

I waited patiently for him to continue, giving him the gentle nods that I understand what he’s experiencing.

“…..I was being cheap.. I forced her to buy cheap toxic wedding invites.. She dead from them…” He whispered. 

My brows raised in surprise, wondering what the connection was. This spirit was clearly out of his mind. 

“And… The killer is…?” I tried to give him a little mental nudge to concentrate. 

“Ever since Susan died.. I felt like her family blamed me for it.. it drove me nuts! I couldn’t take the way her mother looked at me through her eyelashes, as if I stole her daughter away from here!!” He quibbled while raising his fist in the air.

“Mr. Costanza! Please tell me how did you die?” I demanded, my voice unable to hide my frustration. 

“Yes, I’m getting to it…. So.. Yada yada.. and I was dead.” 

I could feel the nerves in my forehead pop out, no one in my life had been so miserably frustrating before. I thanked my lucky stars because if this man were alive, I would’ve killed him with my bare hands. 

“What is yada yada?” 

“Oh!” He began once again when I noticed his spirit fading slowly. It was time, he would be gone within seconds. 

“HURRY!” I demanded once again, I couldn’t connect with him for another 6 months and frankly didn’t care enough to see him again. Even if I was being paid for it. 

“What did they find near my dead body?” He had somehow turned into a silhouette now, his voice faint.

“…. Envelopes dispersed on the floor..? Metal spatula?… A bucket…? A turned table?”

 I answered confused, even though I had memorized the whole scene. His body was found under a bed of envelopes. The victim was hugging his chest, trying to stop the blood from flowing so fast.  

“Check the freezer, you look like a smart cookie..” And with that, he was gone. 

“George!!!” I called out after him. Seriously fuck the dude. Who the fuck talks this way? 

I placed his urn back into the living room where his father had instructed me to, then walked back to the kitchen. “Freezer….” I told myself as I inched closer to it. What was I expecting? A dead body? A dead killer? 

To my surprise, I noticed icicles surrounding the entrance. “Huh?” I thought. “Oddly cone shaped object, sharp enough to hurt anyone…” I mumbled, trying to remember how the murder weapon was, and then it all clicked. 

A chuckle left my lips, “Costanza, you bastard! Case closed!!”