What Happens When You Meet a Spirit in the Woods?

A soft exhale left Riku’s lips emptying his lungs while his shoulder bore the weight of his demise. “I need to do this…” his gentle voice reverberated throughout the ghastly forest. Feet pressing against the wet mud, the absurdity of it made him laugh, “leaving more mark than I ever will, ”

“You’d never be anything good!”

“You have no degree or former education; you can’t even hold a job!”

In a loop the voice sang, breaking his spirit, his soul no longer able to endure its weight.

“Stop…” a honey-laced voice cooed at him, a voice so sweet that Riku stopped dead in his tracks.

“Who said that?” He had to be alone, this wasn’t the place to promenade.

His eyes stared around his surrounding with nothing to achieve but the sound of crickets. It had been a long day and he was exhausted.

“You’re just tired man…” He comforted himself. For one final time, Riku shut his eyes, breathing in the dampness of the forest from the rain mixed with the musty wood. “Mama..” He whispered, catching her smiling face, “would she be okay…?” he murmured to himself then shook the thought away.

“Of course she would! She has two other children that will take care of her!” The uncomfortable man shuffled his weight between his feet, continuing his journey towards his doom after depreciating his worth.

“Why are you here?”

Riku had to fight his excitement in this situation, unable to avoid her lecherous voice. You seriously are twisted.

“Don’t do what you’re thinking.”

“Pardon me?” Goosebumps ran loose around his body, forming little mountains of terror the man no longer able to retain his composure.

“Don’t kill yourself…”

“Why not?”

“Why would you desire to be stuck here…?”

His knees caved in, unable to hold his weight any more. “Huh?” he requested, expecting she would elaborate.

“Enough of your antics, I am done with it!” He hissed, continuing his journey to procure a low tree.

Riku almost laughed at his plan, even in his end moments, he was extremely lazy to do was required. “I am being smart, not working hard.” He assured himself instead. “besides, what good does a tall tree—”The words choked in his throat as the figure appeared before him.

A woman, with pale skin, stood glowering at him. Her eyes, crimson red. He might’ve regarded this as a trick, but her neck. Slender but curved, surrounded by the garland that he, too, was going to welcome himself with!

“I ordered you… go away from here…”

“W-h… G-G-Ghost…?”

“Quiet! They might discover you!” She yelled in a hushed whisper.

Riku wanted to ask who it was that she was referring to, but his tongue went numb from fear. He could no longer bring his voice out.

“The undead…” The Spirit seemed to have gone from pale to paler.

Could a ghost experience fear? He reflected for a second before noticing the sound of rustling leaves. How it had merged with the sound of his racing heart.

Reality dawned upon him, as he observed a series of standardized figures, all pale, all dead, walking around him. Their flesh decomposing but lacked the stench. Like zombies, they slowly moved around towards him.

“Oh hell no…” For the first time in years, Riku ran for his life. His original plan did not matter. He desired to be safe.

Laughter roared through the woods, its reverberation reaching Riku, who frantically ran until he tilted over and emptied the contents of his stomach.

“These prosthetics look real!!!” “Yeah, one more life saved! Good job guys!” The “zombies” commemorated.

But the girl, she walked through the crowd without being noticed. “I wish I was saved…”

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