What if your sister never existed?

She is not real! You never had a sister, son.”

Shayan, what has gotten into you..?

Are you certain?

Ridiculous, are you seriously asking if your mother is sure whether or not she gave birth to another child?!


No, buts! Set out these crazy ideas out of your mind!

The disoriented man turned pale and rigid as his body fought the eerie sensation.

“She was not real…” The words were projected like bricks sinking in his stomach.

Misery did love company.

His phone rang. A shriek, unable to smoother it, esccaped his lips the moment his phone flashed a picture of his sister.

She’s calling me…

Shayan nabbed his arm desperately to wake up from his nightmare. His calloused hands slapped his face, over and over until the only ringing he heard was of his ears.

Crimson red. A color that matched his eyes and pleading face. He was torn between his reality and the actuality his parents had portrayed.

How long had it been since his parents left? An hour? A day? A week? A sense of time seemed to have slipped out of him but his phone never stopped ringing.

Then his front entrance unlocked and Shayan pushed himself into the nook of his living room. His eyes remained glued on the door.

A silhouette made an appearance, inching towards his perplexed body.

“Hiba…” He whispered in a state of shock, contemplating whether to embrace or to run from her.

“Shayan…” He felt the tenderness of her body around his, like a caterpillar safe in its cocoon.

His happiness was short lived and his fear right back on track. He shuddered against her.

“Shh… it’s okay, I’ve got you…”

“You’re not REAL! LEAVE ME ALONE!”


“Mom and dad told me… You’re not real…”

“Shayan… they have been… d-dead for two years now…”

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