A sneak peek to my WIP for NaNoWriMo!

Hello, beautiful people! Today I have got a special 2-in-1 deal for you. I am participating in a writing contest for OlivePitStories on Instagram! ( Amazing guy that works with crazy prompts! Check him out if you wish!) With a little sneak peek at my NaNoWriMo WIP! It’s been hard, I won’t lie but its been rewarding too! I hope you guys enjoy it. Thank you!

My life seemed like a chaotic pencil case, whatever was dumped at me, I threw it in. It didn’t matter if ink from pens sometimes stained the erasers, or if a scissor sometimes pricked me, it was all closed off to be, “dealt with it later. Deal with it later.” A strong mental barrier… which was already running thin as secrets were on the verge of being spilled.

“Sorry, I’m sure it is a lot to take in but she wanted you to have this.” An apologetic look creeped on her lawyer’s face. I had an urge to laugh or maybe scream at him. How many times had he repeated the same lines to bereaving family members?

Until three weeks ago, I had no idea about my sister, that too a twin! But now, this man claimed that Ira left me an apartment. A secret apartment.

I tried to process this information, but the previous was on a backlog. Mentally, I reached for the pencil case again, attempting to stuff Ira and her doings. But nothing worked. Even though she was gone, even though I never knew her, she was still here. And her presence would forever haunt me.

I looked away from him and around, a big mistake, an enormous claustrophobic mistake!

If my life hadn’t been this depressing, seeing the white bricked building would’ve surely done it for me. An asylum, that’s what it reminded me of.

“You must do this, it’s her final wish.” He said with a sorry look on his face. I wanted to punch that face, especially his hair that reminded me of hundreds of bird’s nests, all coiled together like his thick black mane.

Keys that used to be as light as a fidget spinner. Keys that danced on the tip of my finger from its keychain now felt like bricks, crawling deep into my skin. I stared at the weight in my palms, contemplating life.

I can’t do this, not now, not today…

-The End-

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