NaNoWriMo… How it all went down?

50,000 words. 30 days. It all seemed ridiculously hard! My first time participating was exhilarating since I finished with just 15 minutes to spare!

My NaNo Journey

I can’t write on the spot. Inspiration drives me. And here I was, throwing myself into the deep end with no floaters! (Trust me, that is scary. I have a winning streak of drowning multiple times haha)

I faced a couple of problems on this end:

  • Lack of inspiration
  • The urge to edit while writing
  • Time management
  • Nothing worked out according to my outline!

The solution to my hurdles:

  • Forcing myself to write even if I have ZERO motivation to.
  • Writing in a different word document and quickly pasting it to the manuscript to avoid editing.
  • I missed a few days and wasn’t constantly writing for 30 days though I picked it up the next day!
  • I went with the flow. The outline was meant to be a guide and what I have written is much much better! (Along with lots of plot holes.)

What am I going to do now?

  • I am going to take some time out, let the manuscript brew while I get a fresh perspective on my story.

Was it easy?

  • Yes and no. This was an added workload to my already buzzing life. I did enjoy it. It turned out to be my escape and my excuse of NEVER HAVING ENOUGH TIME TO WRITE fell flat. I did have enough time. I wasn’t prioritizing it.

Will I be participating in it again?

  • Yes!! 2021 for sure. And that time, I hopefully overcome my hurdles again.

My Outlook.

  • I am slowly gaining more confidence and hoping to write a lot more now. Maybe I will even try to upload twice a week! Give me some time though. I love you all for taking the time out and reading my work. It means a lot.

How was NaNoWriMo for you? Did you find yourself in the new limelight? 

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