Access to the Internet in the After Life?

“Welcome to After Cloud!” A disturbingly sweet computerized voice welcomed her.


 “Welcome to After Cloud.”

 “Yeah, I heard that. What is this again?” Laila deadpanned.

“You’re dead–” “Yeah, I know. Can we move this along please?”

 “You are dead.” The voice repeated, hoping for a different reaction.

“Yes! I know! I was filming my Facebook live during my accident! Can we get to the POINT! Geez, you sound as condescending as my mom.”

If the voice was a machine, it would’ve sighed since Laila was someone she had never interacted with before. Giving up on the script, instant screens popped in front of Laila’s eyes. “Cool. You should’ve started with that. You’re pretty boh-ring.”

Laila smirked, stepping towards the Hologram. Feeds from YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, her real Reddit, and fake stood before her. “Noice.” She smirked with her dreamy eyes. She had somehow managed to capture her car crash on Facebook live, not the possibility of being the talk of the town made her bubble up.

Something was different. This interface wasn’t like the one she had known, there was no section to read the notification, messages, comments, or likes!

“Hm… Insights?” Her voice was calm and collected even though a volcano gurgled within her.

“Hello! Can I get any insights on my profile? I need to know what my followers think of me!! I want them to cry for me!!”

“Sorry, Laila. After Cloud does not allow you to see comments, likes, or shares. We care about your mental health.”

“Oh fuck me.”

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