Writing Prompt: Two Characters show love without mentioning it.

Her eyes gawk, filled with rage.

Lips pressed, she keeps her composure in check.

“Since you’ve already made the decision” the strain apparent in her voice.

“And now that you’re an adult.”

“Mum, everyone’s going out, I want to, too!”

You whine, feeling like a little child again.

She nodded, understanding your pain and that your decision had been made.

Mum walked towards the entrance, holding the door open for you.

The cool breeze swayed in, chilling both of your bodies. Mountains burst erupt on your skin, the silence was dawning.

“I’ll see you tomorrow.”

You won the battle, but at what cost? Eyes that don’t meet, the reticence that greets.

Footsteps follow out of the house, but her voice never draws you out.

“Stop.. at least wear your coat… It’s cold outside…”

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