ARC Review:Taco Truck Takedown

GoodReads Blurb:

As much as she loves his tacos, she hates him even more.

Hadi just landed her dream job as principal of her alma mater. Now, she’s on a mission to squash the small-town rumor that she got the job due to her pedigree. Only one thing stands in her way of success . . .

Tacos To-Go.

Literally . . .

The food truck is in her way. Thanks to ex-MLB star, Christopher Cruz, who parked it in plain sight of the school campus, calling all staff and students over with his irresistible guacamole.

Too bad he’s even more irresistible than his tacos.

But Hadi can’t get caught up by his big biceps and salesman smile. She has a school to run and needs to prove her worth in this position.

Not to fall in love with the hometown hero.

My Thoughts:

Overview: A sweet little story that touches upon a lot of issues. I found myself emerged into the characters even though I found the writing style a little off. The rivalry between Christopher and Hadi seemed to have stemmed out of nowhere and their resolution was just as fast. There was some mention of the characters’ back story from when they were in high school, I wish there was more to it than that, but since this is a prequel, I am hoping the upcoming book has more juice on those parts. Don’t get me wrong, I adored this book. It gave me moments of happiness and laughs but also, parts where I felt myself sighing and aching for Hadi. It did have a whole HallMark feeling to it and that is almost acceptable on days when I don’t feel like myself. So, yes. A good “pick me up” on your bad days. We all need a little bit of love on our bad days.

Rating: 3.5/5

Trigger Warnings: Cheating… well, mention of it. Nothing major. It’s an innocent book.

Audience: Young Adults

I received a complimentary ARC copy and all opinions are of my own

Everybody is looking for something.

Two brothers shared a glance. The elder, with his slightly salt and pepper hair, leaned back admiring the view which was presented before him. A greenfield across the horizon. The scenario also included the fresh scent of pine trees and the sounds of birds chirping. 

“Ah… This is the life” Said the older. 

“Perhaps, but you have yet to tell me.”


“…..I thought you were trying to prove your point.”

“Oh right! Must’ve been my age. Apologies.” The older brother, dressed in all black, waved his hand over the horizon, its landscape shuffled slowly. At first, pixels deteriorated their illusion, and then all together, a different view was projected. 

The sweet scent of flowers hit both of them forcing the older to heave. 

“Disgusting” He murmured whilst the younger stayed quiet, curious to how his brother was going to win this bet. 

The sound of the church bells followed when a beautiful lady, dressed in all white appeared. From top to bottom, her body sparkled like she was dipped in glitter and was left under the sun to illuminate the earth.

“Miss Sparkles we have here” the younger brother laughed at his joke.

“She makes me want to pull my eyes out of my socket.”

They both exchanged looks before bursting out into laugher.

The lady walked to the altar with her father in hand where her groom beamed with pride. “Perfection…” He whispered to her and she smiled. 

“Yeah, yeah, she’s getting married. She is happy.” The younger brother yawned at the vision.

“Hush, patience.” The second man interjected with a glare. “Don’t be in such a hurry, we’ve got a bet.”

“Fine, brother.”

Clara was being seen standing at the altar, her soon to be husband cried tears of joy. They were perfect. The venue, at the beach, was perfect. All of their friends and families were present there, making it the perfect occasion. 

“YAWN AGAIN!” The younger man interjected once again.

Sighing softly the other brother snapped his fingers, forcing the projection to skip through some scenes. 

“Ah… Watch.” He smirked, giving his brother a glaring look. 

As soon as the wedding ended, Bridezilla emerged, grabbing the designer by her throat and demanding why her chosen flowers were missing.

“I don’t think this one is fair. I mean, c’mon.” The younger brother rolled his eyes, “Wedding is a stressful situation. It’s been a record for every bride to unleash somehow.”

“Fine. Another one it is, this one I will clearly win.”

Like a whirlpool, the scenario changed to a man sitting on a chair in a dimly lit casino. He rubbed his last quarter against his finger. His desire to gamble was far worse than his need to survive. He kissed his last quarter for what seemed like a thousand times before pressing it in the slot machine. His heart stomped in his chest as if his veins were being injected by caffeine. One by one, the rolls stopped until they were all the same. Clatters of coins dropped on the floor, igniting attention from the other patrons. Those coins never stopped coming, like a mountain full of cash, the man laughed. He laughed and laughed until there was no air in his lungs to sustain.  “I won!”

“Good for him!” The younger man chirped thinking it was his time to win this bet.


Derick Hutton got lucky one night. His quarter helped him win $2000. To a normal individual, their win would be accompanied by satisfaction but Derick was a different breed. He wanted more. The thrill enthralled him. And as predicted, the castle of clouds that he had built couldn’t sustain him any longer. Came down the man, back on his knees. Begging for people to hand him change. Fighting with his wife to let him go to the casino. Scaring his children of what a father he had become.

A soft sigh escaped the first man’s lips, he glanced at his older counterpart. “So… That is sad but it doesn’t really prove your point, Thanatos.”

“Ah, you really think I am wrong?”

The first man nodded and just is, the screens kept changing. Stories of different men, women, and children. All tales. Someone surviving a car crash. Someone graduating. Someone failing. Someone earning 6 figures. Endless stories with different endings but regrets remained. Things lacked. Humans were never satisfied.

“So, do you see it now, Hypnos?”

Hypnos shrugged with a baffled look on his face. “So, is this why you bring those souls back?”

Thanatos’ lips curled in a proud smile towards his brother. “Everyone is always looking for something… And the Dead can’t wish for more…”