ARC Review: One Monsoon in Mumbai: Trouble and Laughter and Mushy Stuff

Goodreads Blurb:

A nerdy hero, a dashing villain…

and an interfering auntie.

Life’s complicated for Seema Rawat, cyberspy.

From picking pockets in the slums of Mumbai to being picked as an agent by Intelligence Bureau’s hacking unit, Seema has come a long way. For her first assignment, she has to romance the suspect and break into his systems.

The target, Adhith, isn’t the kind of criminal she’s met before.

Looks, charm, money, and power… he has it all.

Well… Seema never backed away from a challenge. There are just two problems. Her auntie keeps a very close eye on her virtue. Then there’s Vikram—Adhith’s boss and BFF—who’s nerdy and awkward and altogether adorable.

Also, he’s a tech wizard.

His specialty? Cybersecurity.

One Monsoon in Mumbai is a zany spy romance with twists, turns, and humor that make it the perfect adventure.

My Thoughts:

Okay, Okay, okaaayyy!

Take a seat because this might be a long one…

There’s no doubt that the author is a wordsmith. Even when she is the master of her pen, her words seem very bland. Very distant from the characters. Other than Seema’s curls or her brown eyes, I couldn’t describe any of the characters mentioned in the book. (Perhaps the henchman? He was described very well in detail!) I wish the narration was better.

There was a lot of purple prose included especially in the first few chapters that got my head spinning. I had to take a few breaks in between with all the information that had been presented to me. Plus that information meshed with the dialogue that the characters had amongst themselves, didn’t leave any room for a surprise for me. I couldn’t experience their pain, heartbreak, angst, or even love. Though, I should mention it does show an enormous amount of research on the author’s part!

The ending was extremely anti-climatic, we spent 90% of the book-building for it, and then… it just didn’t deliver it.

The complex relationships introduced seemed futile. They were just names that I didn’t want to remember.

Also, as a Mumbaikar, I have a few bones to pick:

  1. HOW DID ADHI GET TO A PHONE REPAIR SHOP FROM GATE WAY TO SOMEWHERE NOT MENTIONED THAT TOOK HIM THIRTY MINUTES!? From Gate Way to somewhere like…. Fort would take minutes! AND THERE WAS A RICKSHAW IN THE BACKGROUND?! No rickshaws are present in South Mumbai!!
  2. Why was Madhu always dressed in a Hoodie? In Mumbai’s weather where a cotton tunic could just be drenched in sweat from rigorous walks that we USED to take pre-covid.
  3. The term “Islamic Terrorists” used in the book for 26/11 terror attacks. Just. NO. I don’t know if it was her own bias that seeped into the book?
  4. Monsoon scene in the slums seemed extremely superficial, especially with the way young Seema tried to escape
  5. Lastly the “Mumbaikar” Hindi used was so off. It really did irk me.

Please, experience our city firsthand. There’s more to it than just Gateway or Marine Drive.

Also, the suicide scene. Plus put a trigger warning of any sort. That was something I wasn’t expecting and it was sort of explained in detail.

My Rating: It’s a 2.8/5 for me, the only reason I finished reading it was the fact it was based in Mumbai.

Content Notices: Loss of a loved one, blood, sexual assault, and suicide attempt.

Audience: Young Adults

Pages: 346, Kindle Edition

I received a complimentary advance review copy, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

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