ARC Review: Under Her Influence

Goodreads Blurb:

Fraser Park, the award-winning Scottish nature reserve and theme park, means everything to Beth Fraser. She’s more than a little preoccupied saving her family’s legacy and struggling against a board of directors who all seem to hate her. The last person she wants to need is selfie-obsessed, filtered to perfection, social media influencer Jemma Johnson. But she’s got to protect Fraser Park from a corporate takeover, and according to her brother, that means boosting their online presence. Jemma might be necessary, but Beth doesn’t have to like her, or follow her, or whatever it’s called.

Jemma Johnson, an Insta-success with hundreds of thousands of followers, is proud of her perfectly curated life. When she’s invited to stay at Fraser Park, the trip sounds like a fun adventure for a good cause, until she meets Beth, the only woman who sees beneath her sparkly facade and reminds her that not everything is as easy or flawless as it seems.

On their path to #truelove, will Beth and Jemma discover that reality is even better than illusion?

My Thoughts:

My heart is just…filled with love and warmth! Finally, I have found an author who does not rely on sex to make a book interesting!! I’m probably going to go on an Amanda Radley read-a-thon

Okay, I suppose I should compose myself a little but it was all so wholesome!!

Inhale. Exhale.

Under Her Influence is the perfect wholesome read after a dark book I had picked up. (If you don’t know what I am talking about, check my previous post!!) This is probably amongst those rarest of times where I found all the characters likable and adorable even when they had their own flaws. Those flaws made them more human.

Beth Fraser AKA The Ice Queen was the owner of the park where Jemma Johnson AKA Miss Positivity/Influencer was hosted at. Beth’s brother/twin, Cameron, had sought help from Jemma without consoling the powerhouse of the Fraser Park.

Beth’s character was beautifully crafted. A woman who had devoted so much of her time to work that her personal identity seemed to have dissolved. Whereas, Jemma brimmed with positivity on her online presence, didn’t even realize when her love for the craft evaded into a requirement for her living. Something she stopped enjoying.

Like an onion, they peeled each other’s layers, provided solutions, supported one another. And I live for that. Love or no love, women who support one another rather than being scorned after a misunderstanding, are amazing. Even though there was an attraction on sight, the story helps both the characters explore that attraction into something more.

The side characters. Cameron, Luke, and Abigail. So, so cute. And, I was in awe the outline of the Park. It reminded me of the time I went to a theme park. And the imagery used was enough to pull me inside.

My favorite line from the book:

“Sorry, yes, just plain popcorn. But it’s not just plain popcorn, not when you really think about it. It’s the smell that first greets you when you come into the park in the morning— it wafts around most of the resort. It’s fresh, warm, buttery, and perfectly seasoned. Never burnt, never under- or overcooked. It comes in a box that’s thick enough to keep its shape but thin enough to warm your fingers on a chilly morning. It’s shareable and you always want more. It’s never plain. It might not be a fashionable freakshake or ice cream mega concoction, but it’s never plain.”

My Rating: It’s a 4.2/5.

Content Notices: Anxiety and death of loved ones in the past.

Audience: Young Adult

Pages: 221, Kindle Edition

I received a complimentary advance review copy, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

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