ARC Review: Bridge of Gold

Goodreads Blurb:

Repairs on the Golden Gate Bridge Uncover a Century-Old Murder
Walk through Doors to the Past via a new series of historical stories of romance and adventure.
Underwater archaeologist Kayla Richardson is called to the Golden Gate Bridge where repairs to one of the towers uncovers two human remains from the late 1800s and the 1930s. The head of the bridge restoration is Steven Michaels, who dives with Kayla, and a friendship develops between them. But as the investigation heats up and gold is found that dates back to the gold rush, more complications come into play that threaten them both. Could clues leading to a Gold Rush era mystery that was first discovered during the building of the bridge still ignite an obsession worth killing for?

My Thoughts:

Wow. I am in awe of the research Kimberley Woodhouse has done for this book! I am genuinely speechless! When thinking about something as majestic as the Golden Gate Bridge, the thought of divers never really comes to mind. But, how else would the foundation be kept in place?

I loved how she weaves the past into the present while respecting the characters and providing them justice. This is my 2nd book from the Doors to the Past series, and I must say, this book stole my heart. I finished the book within a day. Once, I started, I couldn’t stop. There was so much going on. I commend her for her ability to create different timelines AND maintain intrigue via so many different POVs.

Steven stole my heart. He was such a gentleman throughout. And thoughtful enough to support his teammates and Kayla. Unlike other character’s I admired his bald head, it was refreshing to see a character different from the norm. Same with Kayla, who managed to wolf down a lot of food than most women would accept!! They had great chemistry. I loved them.

Though, my heart broke for Kayla’s loss.

My only complaint would be Luke. He was noted to be French but when he spoke/during dialogue, I couldn’t envision him as a French man. I grew up with a lot of French speakers, thus why this area seemed lacking to me.

Favorite line:

“Don’t get mad at me for speaking to you honestly. Yes, it’s a choice. It’s a choice to let it go, release it from your mind. Promise yourself that you won’t allow it to make you angry anymore. It is mind over matter. But I can’t do it for you. Only you can.”

My Rating: It’s a 4/5.

Content Notices: Anxiety, panic attack, murder, and death of loved ones in the past.

Audience: Christian Romance

Pages: 256, Kindle Edition

I received a complimentary advance review copy, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

4 thoughts on “ARC Review: Bridge of Gold

    1. Me too, I tend to skim over religious dialogues if I am being honest. (Please don’t judge me. Or actually, do. haha) But, this was a sweet book. I liked the mystery and how it all tied up at the end.

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      1. No judgement here 😂 I actively try my best to stay away from books which have a lot of religion in it 😪 it kinda annoys me? Or rather bores me? Not attacking religious ppl here…but it’s just something that I don’t prefer to read about. Totally get you 🙌🏼 I love satisfying ends! Thankx for sharing ❤️✨

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